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Adding a Chat Room to your Web Page

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Chat Room Applet Pricing
Chat Applets are available to non-commercial web sites at no charge. Non-commercial sites using the chat applet are required to register with us.

Commercial websites are subject to the following pricing:

Basic Package:
Package includes registered chat room, 50-user capacity, and up to 5 automatic channel operators. $ 15.00/mo.
$ 135.00/yr.
Standard Package:
Package includes registered chat room, 100-user capacity, automated user greeting, and up to 10 automatic channel operators. $ 25.00/mo
$ 225.00/yr.
Deluxe Package:
Package includes 2 registered chat rooms, 250-user capacity each, automated user greeting, automatic channel control, and unlimited automatic channel operators. $ 40.00/mo.
$ 369.00/yr.
Custom Package:
Custom Chat Room Solutions available. Email For Free Quote
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Glossary of Terms:

Registered Channel: a channel on our server that is actually "owned" by you and cannot be owned by another entity.

User Capacity: The user capacity is just what it says. Once the capacity of the room is reached, any users trying to connect will be given a "Room Full" message and will not be allowed to connect until another user leaves the channel

Channel Operator: A channel operator is a user who is given the power to kick other users out of the room. Channel operators can also ban people from the room. Channel operators are supplied and assigned by the "Owner".

Automated user greeting: This is a greeting that each user will see when they enter the room. It is limited to no more than 500 characters and can say anything you like.

Automated channel control: A robot (Bot) will be placed in the room to help control users that might come in the room and send continous streams of text (flood) the room. Also the bot can kick users automatically for swearing if needed.

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Adding the Free Chat Room Applet

To put add a free chat room on your "non-commercial" web site, just cut and paste the code between the start and end tags below into the page you want it in. You just need to change the line with the channel name in it, the line that says:

<param name=channel value="Your_Channel_Name">
Replace the value, "Your_Channel_Name" with the name of the channel you would like.


<!-- Start Here -->

<APPLET archive=""
code="ConferenceRoom.class" name=cr width=500 height=250>
<param name=cabbase value="">

<param name=port value="6667">
<param name=server value="">
<param name=channel value="Your_Channel_Name">
<param name=nick value="Guest">
<param name=simple value="TRUE">
<param name=size value="15">

<param name=info value="Partier">
<param name=buttons
This application requires Java suport.<BR>
This server also available via IRC at:<BR>
<A HREF="irc://">irc://</a>


<-- End Here -->

The server also has a regular irc interface, so you can use mirc, pirch
or what have you and get connected to the server.

Server address:
Port: 6667
If you are a non-commercial web site using the applet,
it would be nice to have a link like the following:

If you would like a chat room for your web site, please email

Email us at to let us know when it is up so we can check it out.


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Non-Commercial Status

Non-commercial sites are limited to any site that is a not for profit web site. Any site charging for access to the web site in question at any point is considered a Commercial site and is subject to the pricing above. Sites which do not charge for access but do use ad banners on the web site to generate revenue are also subject to the pricing above. FNCInc.Net reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. Any disputes over the commercial status of a web site will be settled by the management of FNCInc.Net.

Any commercial web site found using the simple chat applet above will be subject to fees set forth in the pricing terms above.

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